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You been on the roids?

The fitness industry is an unscrupulous one with loads of people selling products and services on the back of their own physiques.

The problem of course is that so many of these are taking some form of artificial enhancement in the form of Anabolic Steroids – this used to bother me a lot.

I would get annoyed because I was busting my arse in the gym, eating well and making good progress. They however would pop in do a few sets of curls go for a Maccy D’s and would still progress – they didn’t deserve it – I did!

I have since learned that steroids are not the be all and end all with regards physique ambitions – however when used properly and with a good diet/training programme the user will always outshine the natural – I’ve accepted that now and I am less angry!

The simple truth is that any industry in which money is at stake will lead to some sort of shortcut by those who proffit. This could be Cycling, Rugby, Baseball or even Personal Training/Nutrition.

So, how can you spot the frauds?

Without testing you cant, yes there is the tell tale traps around your ears look but there are plenty of people who have used some sort of performance enhancement who haven’t got this look – Look at Lance.

Personally, I don’t want this look. I am at heart an athlete who more than anything else wants to be able to perform.

Secondary to this come aesthetics – I do acknowledge though that this is not the case for most people.

So what is the answer:

My own performance/aesthetics have improved immeasurably since I educated myself around nutrition. The same is true for my clients.

It isn’t simply enough to know what to eat though, the most important thing is to know how to manage all of the situations which stop you eating the way you want to.

Things like:

Preparation strategies
Managing social interactions
How to be able to eat unclean food and still make progress
To understand how simple kitchen setup can influence your success.

The nutrition is the simple bit – applying it is the hard bit.

It is of course my business to coach you through that but you already know that, you just haven’t decided to do anything about it yet :-)

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