Nutritional Coaching

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I’ve always enjoyed exercising but have never had the body I feel I deserve, having a coach has got me to the next level! (Alice Bury)

Do you want or need to make a change to your eating habits?  We have had significant success with the following groups:

  • Those wanting to improve their appearance through loss of body fat.
  • Those wanting to add muscle
  • Athletes looking to improve their performance
  • Those advised by their doctor they must lose weight

We operate a simple system which follows a proven protocol to get you results.  We understand that hiring a nutritional coach is not a decision that is taken lightly and as such we operate a policy of giving all potential clients a FREE consultation to see if our service suits their needs.  From there, all clients will be sent questionaires to complete and return to us along with a food diary.  We will then speak over the phone or via Skype to discuss the results of the findings.  This is where the real work begins as we decipher the results of your questionaires to determine the best route for you.  There are two options available:

  • Nutritional plan plus 4 weeks of online coaching – £94.99
  • Nutritional plan plus 6 months online coaching  – £69.99 (initial sign up) then £39.99 per month

Which plan is for you?

I would always recommend the second option – mainly because the constant tweaking and coaching is what leads to a successful transformation not me simply giving you a plan to get on with.  The only time I recommend the first option is with those who need minimal change – maybe 1% -2% reduction in body fat

*(current exchange rates will be calculated for overseas clients)

To sign up or if you would like any questions answered then please contact us at

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