Nutrient timing

untitledThis is an extract from an email dated 03/02/14

So as promised I am going to answer some readers questions.

The best one so far is from Leanne Kelly in relation to nutrient timing and macro nutrient consumption in the post workout window.

So consuming a high carbohydrate meal post workout can help with spiking insulin levels which in turn will drive other nutrients in to the muscle, such as protein.

Leanne wanted to know whether this means she should avoid fat in the same feeding?

It is generally acknowledged that if you eat high carbohydrate you should eat low fat, likewise if you eat high fat you would eat low carb.  This is whether it is post workout or anytime.

Protein remains constant.

This is particularly important to avoid fat gains.

The best set up is usually considered to be high carb on training days, low carb on non training/cardio days.

Leanne also wanted to know how long insulin remains spiked after consuming the carbs?

This depends significantly on the type of carbohydrate and also the individuals sensitivity to them so it is impossible to answer.

When working with clients whose main aim is hypertrophy, I aim for a 3:1 ratio of carbs to protein post workout in liquid form.  Within an hour of that I suggest consuming a whole food meal made up from predominantly carbs and protein.

Hope that helps Leanne.

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