Nutrient timing

This is an extract from an email dated 03/02/14 So as promised I am going to answer some readers questions. The best one so far is from Leanne Kelly in … Continue Reading →


Roid Rage

                      You been on the roids? The fitness industry is an unscrupulous one with loads of people selling products and … Continue Reading →


Holiday Training

Those of us who exercise regularly can find going on holiday a welcome break from routine.  However there are also many people who worry about going on holiday because they … Continue Reading →


The Which Fit Bulk (WFB)

This is what we consider to be the best way of adding muscle to your frame.  Whether you are an athlete, bodybuilder or recreational gym goer this programme will add … Continue Reading →

outdoor 2

Outdoor exercise ideas

Here in the UK summer has well and truly struck and training in the gym can be hot, sweaty and uncomfortable.  Over the years that I have been a fitness … Continue Reading →


Maintaining muscle whilst losing fat?

To gain muscle it is generally accepted that you need to gain some fat due to the need for a calorific surplus.  On the contrary to lose fat it is … Continue Reading →

foam roler

Foam Rolling

If, like me, you have a series of tight muscles and you don’t have either the time or money for regular massage, then it may be time for some foam rolling.  … Continue Reading →


The benefits of steady state cardio

  Generally speaking it is accepted in the world of health and fitness that there is no place for steady state cardio.  When authors make this statement I believe that … Continue Reading →

uphill walking

Fasted cardio for fat loss

If you are one of those people who are pretty lean but have a stubborn bit of fat that you are trying to shift then this may be the answer … Continue Reading →


Best quad exercises

Training the legs is often considered the most exhausting of sessions and as such is often avoided by the stereotypical bodybuilder with massive arms and sparrow legs.  For me, it … Continue Reading →