Roid Rage

                      You been on the roids? The fitness industry is an unscrupulous one with loads of people selling products and … Continue Reading →

Protein shake

Supplements for hypertrophy (muscle growth)

This is our final article as part of our hypertrophy (muscle building) series.  Our first article addressed what sort of training programme would be appropriate whilst our second looked at nutrition.  … Continue Reading →


What to take to look athletic and toned?

On the whole both men and women are looking for a certain look.  Men generally do not want to be huge but muscled and women do not want to be … Continue Reading →



Magnesium is found in the soil and as such is passed on to all that is grown in it.  Unfortunately, due to intensive farming methods this means that our soil … Continue Reading →


My top 3 supplements

The supplement industry has gone crazy over the last 10 years with lots of overpriced formulas coming our way which are big on promises and small on delivery.  If I … Continue Reading →

Vit b

Vitamin B12

Some of you may have heard of some celebs having their vitamin B injections to keep them energized and looking young.  They also have a place in the diet of … Continue Reading →


Do we need supplements?

As we know there are many supplements currently on the market.  When I say supplements I mean anything which you can get from food but which add to your diet, … Continue Reading →


BCAA’s explained

        BCAAs or Branch Chain Amino Acids are used by lots of body builders and gym goers as part of their muscle building regime.  The theory behind … Continue Reading →



If you compete or work hard in the gym, there is a chance you have days where you feel underecovered and sub par.  This can be for various reasons but … Continue Reading →


Dextrose and muscle growth

Dextrose like the tablets pictured above is a simple sugar which is easily absorbed by the body.  It is hence a good source of energy and is sometimes used by … Continue Reading →