Nutrient timing

This is an extract from an email dated 03/02/14 So as promised I am going to answer some readers questions. The best one so far is from Leanne Kelly in … Continue Reading →


Roid Rage

                      You been on the roids? The fitness industry is an unscrupulous one with loads of people selling products and … Continue Reading →


Baywatch and weight loss?

Being a Nutritionist and trainer, the number one question that I get asked by people is why can’t I lose weight?  To be perfectly honest it gets a bit annoying … Continue Reading →


Sports drinks – pros and cons

      We are inundated  with advertisements displaying the latest benefits of sports drinks, often  with promises of improved sporting performance. If I look around the gym I see … Continue Reading →


Eating out

I love eating out, partly for the food but mostly because it is sociable and an enjoyable way to mix with friends and family.  However for anyone looking to make … Continue Reading →


Holiday Training

Those of us who exercise regularly can find going on holiday a welcome break from routine.  However there are also many people who worry about going on holiday because they … Continue Reading →

Protein shake

Supplements for hypertrophy (muscle growth)

This is our final article as part of our hypertrophy (muscle building) series.  Our first article addressed what sort of training programme would be appropriate whilst our second looked at nutrition.  … Continue Reading →


Muscle food

So last week we gave away the WFB programme to add muscle.  In case you didn’t see it, we have just posted it here.  We discussed how training is only part of … Continue Reading →


The Which Fit Bulk (WFB)

This is what we consider to be the best way of adding muscle to your frame.  Whether you are an athlete, bodybuilder or recreational gym goer this programme will add … Continue Reading →