Baywatch and weight loss?


Being a Nutritionist and trainer, the number one question that I get asked by people is why can’t I lose weight?  To be perfectly honest it gets a bit annoying having to have the same conversation all the time.  What makes it even more annoying is that when I offer my advice, overwhelmingly I know that the person wants a different answer to the one I give.  I always say that it is hard and you need a solid plan which will keep you on track through the bad times, because there will be bad times!  The secret to losing weight is managing those bad times.

The fact is losing weight is hard and is a science not just in a lab sort of way but also a social science.  Learning how to manage situations and continue to eat the right foods despite the scenario you may find yourself in.

I know how hard it is to lose weight after failing for the majority of my teenage years.  Perhaps that is why it became something I was so interested in and now find myself coaching people to achieve the same. The video below is not a link to a quick fix magic solution but it tells you a little more about my own fat loss failings, maybe my story will have some similarities to your own, then again perhaps Baywatch and Gladiators was not so influential!

To watch the video click here

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